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Friday, May 4, 2012

Coffee kisses

We made these yesterday for a number of reasons, the main one being that I wanted too.I now have scales and so can work my way through the Biro cookbook that Mum brought out a while ago, and we has decaf instant in the house.
Making these brought back so many memories of being little and once they were mixed up I put my nose in the bowl and took a deep breath.  Somehow I was in the yellow kitchen in Mendi,  I was making coffee kisses and Fiona was making custard creams.  A little girl safe because her Mummy was in the house, and a Daddy coming to eat the biscuits because he liked coffee, and a brother coming to eat the custard creams. 
They tasted so good, and my girls thought they were great because they were coffee flavoured.
Go make something today that you made with your Mum when you were little.  It's so worth the walk down memory lane.

PS If any of my happy memory is inaccurate, Dad if you hate coffee kisses, Brian if you hate custard creams, Fi if you made them and not me.   Please don't tell me, I like the memory the way it is.

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