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Friday, May 25, 2012

Random things that happened this week before I forget to remember them

 Phinn grew his third tooth.  Top left is now here, and top right is well on its way, he is an amazing teether, but he does like to bite.(!)  He's also sitting up by himself, only for a short time but still he's on the road to freedom.

We are beginning preparation for Heidi's birthday.  The second cake is out the oven and the pinata is being stuck together as I write. There are lists galore, and a box being  started with props.

 Hosea is so close to crawling he'll be going in no time.

We are planning a camping trip and looking forward to it.  Tom is doing an amazing job finding all the information and the menu is almost planned.

The girls bunk beds are up, and being enjoyed by all but the boys.  It's so comfy Tom and I are competing at night to cuddle in with Hope when she cries.

One night this week every member of the Hindle house slept all night.  Yes, all night.  It has not happened since. 
We are still looking for a new home, watch this space. 

Hope has started potty training, and is doing well. She's been doing bits and bobs for a long time, but we are pushing through to get it sorted with underwear too :)

Heidi's new shoes came from Clarkes via my Mum and Gran.  Size 10 and 12.  We are grateful that there is a shop that can fit from scanned pictures of feet.  She is loving them.  Thank you.

Sweetcorn is now in season.  30c for a cob.  It tastes so good even Tom is eating it.  The girls are LOVING it.  Ok so maybe he was just really hungry.

Bed time.  Perhaps they'll sleep all night tonight too.  

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