Morning time plans

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Child like theology

"We wont know what forever means until we get to heaven or hell"

"Your heart reminds you of the sea"
"Do you get it? When you put a sea shell to your ear it sounds like the ocean, but its your heart that you hear.  So your heart remind you of the sea."
Another pause.
'Maybe scientists don't even know that"

In the skating changing rooms and a child heard an echo, perhaps for the first time.  He turned and smiled. "That's God singing to us"

I love how deeply they think about things.  The amazing observations they come up with.  How they really do see connections between things that perhaps they have never been told, but they see them as their minds are trained to do the great work of thinking. 

And then at supper, over long story short, when one is clarifying whether the Israelites lived in Egypt as they were spared the plagues, and we talk about Goshen being a region specific to the Israelites within Egypt.

And of course, a small voice pipes up " Goshen, that's  where Batman lives!"

We persevere.......