Morning time plans

Friday, August 7, 2009

The sun is back out, and that means that I get to use my new washing line all day tomorrow!

Our tiny kitty is doing ok. We are cat sitting until lunchtime on Monday, so who knows how much milk we'll manage to get in her! But the big green eyed monster is out with Heidi. "No want cat, no want baby sister!" Fun to come :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Grey grey grey. That is the overwhelming thought in how to describe us right now. It really should only apply to the weather, but it always sends me reaching a good book and some hot chocolate.

But surely the sun will shine again soon, and we are grateful for many things, not least of all that is is incredibly rare for it to be a grey day. Our friends really cannot imagine that this is normal for a lot of the UK year.

So the sunshine things in our life include:
Our new tiny child is growing well and beginning to make her presence felt often, all be it only for my benefit at the moment. It is a miracle of the Fathers design and we are thankful for her life. You can imagine the fun her Daddy is having thinking of names, watch this space. Sometime around Christmas all will be revealed.

Our older girl is so funny at times it is hard not to smile. She walked into the kitchen on Sunday morning and said " So, how you doing Mama?" She has become quite obsessed with Stampede horses as she calls them and can be seen \riding her rocking horse, her stuffed toy or her Daddy's back. She has just taken to waving a flag since she saw the flag riders at the Rodeo on Sat. I really thought that she would be bored after short time at the Rodeo and planned to take her for a walk round the grounds for some, but she was rooted to the spot for the whole thing. She no thinks horses can jump....mmmn when in the bareback bucking section!

And.....I am getting to help plan another wedding, which for me really is the most fun you can have.