Morning time plans

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Been using my bread maker again, and making giant loaves.  3 toasties feed us all on Friday.

Gingerbread house

We've had  icicles before, but nothing like this.
It looks so much like a storybook gingerbread house. 
It feels like we live in Narnia though!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

What a blessing to be a mama to five amazing children. 

Some mornings it feels to sad that this adorable squidgy handsome bundle of giggles and squeals doesn't get to be loved on by all his extended family.

So here's some pictures of the adorable squidgy handsome bundle of giggles and squeals that is John Morritt Hindle!

We're on spring break this week and no joke it has not stopped snowing since Tuesday morning!  Still, there is time to sit on the floor and play cars with the boys, the girls are making clothes for their dolly's and John is joining in all that we do. As long as no unexpected guests come over, I'll happily stay in a glorious muddle of books, toys and each other! If the door bell rings I'll be sure to regret it................I'm going to take the risk.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Balls are a source of joy for my small boy, but a source of frustration for the rest of us having to fetch them all the time!
So we caged him in!
Which lasted precisely 20 seconds before he escaped to go and investigate the interesting spot on the carpet!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

This was our "we love Heidi" project that we worked on while she was at her MRI today. 


I'm glad that the internet can tell us such things like how to detangle doll hair!!  It took the 4 of us big ones (John helpfully slept) an hour and a half to do this but she is thrilled to be able to practice all the tutorials we've been watching.  Perhaps she'll make her own video one day!
The MRI went well, and she really is a trooper.  She went to work with Tom at 6am and did some school and a lot of lego time.  What the hospital didn't tell us was that she had to have an injection, so although she wasn't prepared she did it just fine with the help of magic spray and the help of her Daddy I am sure.
By the time she got home the first news was that she had been treated to an ice cream so it can't have been that bad.
Results on the 15th. 
Hopes bedtime prayer last night.
"Dear God, I bless you.
I thank you for all you have made.
I love you more than Mummy."


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Crafts on a cold snowy day. The little girls decorated small fish, while the boys used up the paper scraps to glue (joy) to decorate big fish.

And John provided the cheerleading squealing and arm flapping.

Will practice more with spacing, but for now, pretty pleased with myself!  And, the main thing of course, she loves it.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Elbow Falls

Elbow Falls is a 30 min drive from our house, and Sunday afternoon was the perfect time to pop out and let the kids play with sticks and stones and be as loud as they needed.  It's so windy there any time of year that even 5 small ones with big voices can be as loud as can be and it just gets carried away in the wind.

This time last year it was a pleasant place with picnic benches etc, but the June floods last year changed all that, and now there is a large river bed that can be explored and a diverted river which is perfect for throwing stones into and so many sticks that can be built into imaginary fire places.  Heidi must have made at least 3 of these, and left feeling that should a person need to get warm, it was all set up and ready to go with just the addition of a flame. 

Perfect way to rest before a busy week.

Quick preview

Heidi is in a skating carnival on the 12th of April. It is basically the end of year show for the skating club that she is taking her lessons in.  Although not wishing to take away from the fact that she is working extremely hard and having serious amounts fun, her being in it is more fluke because of the season that we signed her up for.
But, we were very excited to pick up her costume on Monday night.  She'll have tights and skates too.... and her helmet which will add a certain something, but there will be proper pictures taken too.

I'm excited for her that she gets to be apart of something cool like this, skating in a show at a big arena in the city.  April 12th, all welcome........

Spring came on Monday, as in the snow melted off most of the pavements, and so we spent the mornings being good and letting Mummy and Heidi do school so that we could spend happy afternoons skidding about on our bikes (no pictures, too fast these days) and trikes enjoying the fact that the sun shone and we only needed a sweater to be free and loud and speedy.

Winter came back today, and dumped a couple inches of snow on the road and pavements and spoiled all our fun. 

Still, sleds and spades seem fun after two whole days of biking, and spring is when we get wet snow which maybe just maybe will be the right sort for a snow man!

Too cute to send to bed.....well almost!

Heidi was at public skate again this evening, and after the boys were in bed, Hopie climbed up beside me and asked if we could look at hairstyles for little girls!!! This sweet girl generally sports a birds nest and hates to have it sorted, but she's starting to take an interest.
We perused the fun blog and picked out the Minnie Mouse ears tutorial to watch.
I was not confident it would work in her short hair, but it turned out great for a first attempt don't you think?  She bobbled at her shadow for the longest time, and was the cutest girl answering catechism questions I have ever seen.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Zay found himself in the sweet position of being allowed to join the girls for a tea party, and only because it was with the metal tea set not the china one!  He was very careful to mind his manners and say please and thank you, just as he was told by his sisters.......long may that last.  

Poor Phinn has a near perfect record for missing out on fun activities by falling asleep.  That was the case this day too but he was saved some treats. 

Head gear

My boys seem to like something on their heads, Phinn especially loves to dress up. 
The tights are the morning they wanted to be bunnies......too cute.

And, my Hopie girl is a little bit sick....and couldn't be happier about it.  Nothing too drastic, cold and fever which is mostly low, and she's definitely on the mend.  Still when your big sister seems to have all the cool medical problems, a cold and a fever with lots of cuddles and stories and perhaps a slurpie shared with Daddy  seems like a very good thing.