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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

This was our "we love Heidi" project that we worked on while she was at her MRI today. 


I'm glad that the internet can tell us such things like how to detangle doll hair!!  It took the 4 of us big ones (John helpfully slept) an hour and a half to do this but she is thrilled to be able to practice all the tutorials we've been watching.  Perhaps she'll make her own video one day!
The MRI went well, and she really is a trooper.  She went to work with Tom at 6am and did some school and a lot of lego time.  What the hospital didn't tell us was that she had to have an injection, so although she wasn't prepared she did it just fine with the help of magic spray and the help of her Daddy I am sure.
By the time she got home the first news was that she had been treated to an ice cream so it can't have been that bad.
Results on the 15th. 

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