Morning time plans

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I have been resorting to my old blonde ways recently.

There was the incident of the Parker pen in the tumble dryer which ruined a whole dark wash and the pen and wasn't too good for the aesthetics of the dryer! I have managed to get the pen out of the fleece type really when all is tolled the only thing I couldn't wear in public again is now a set of painting trousers! I was remarking to my friend (while painting a bathroom in the newly donated painting trousers) how annoying it was that it was a grown up load that had been damaged, as Heidi gets through her clothes so much more quickly. She was amused to point out that had it been a load of Heidi's clothes there wouldn't have been a pen in the pocket!

I also skidded through a red light on ice last week, have lost my beep beep thing for the car, and my USB key! I know that the USB is in the house somewhere, but is makes no sense that between the kitchen and the basement (ie at the door to the basement, down the stairs and to the bottom that I could misplace something so important. Perhaps giving it to the 18 month old to carry was not the smartest move, but I don't see how she lost it! She was sat on my hip from time of being given the key to being put down at the bottom.

We are to have our first curry party tomorrow, so I am busy letting sauce rest for tomorrow for the chicken curry and marinading more chicken for the korma. I've found a quick and easy recipe for the Bombay pots so should be ok for the morning. Check me out I even made a list of the jobs to do before and after church. The friends coming over have declared that the best thing the British empire did is give curry to the here's hoping I am going to achieve something great!

And.....we started Christmas shopping today, but really the only people who should be getting excited are our relatives 3 and under. Well we have only started!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


We have been having a fine old time, gallivanting to the mountain, skating, 'doing breakfast' but the little one has now come down with her Daddy's nasty cold and has spent the day with a bad fever (which has now finally broken PTL).

Monday we went to Banff with friends, via Macdonalds for our free coffee (between 5 and 10 am any size is free :)) and spent the morning wandering through the shops and buying really good fudge. After a run around and a picnic lunch, we ventured to the cave and basin which is where Banff really started and how the national parks were founded. Several people were fighting about the rights to the hot spring they had discovered, however they were not able to make their fortune as the government turned the area into the first national park. After a few hours at the sulphur springs we were really glad we had forgotten to take the boiled eggs out of the fridge that morning!

Heidi and I went ice skating on Wed, at the free parent and tot session. More accuratly Heidi sat in the pushchair, as I pushed her round using it as a much needed zimmer frame. I did go solo though toward the end as Heidi was whisked away by a friends little girl.....leaving me stranded!

I am beginning to love the North American thing of having breakfast round at someones house. We had a new ladies at the church breakfast, and it was really good fun. We had good food, a light hearted cooking demo, and bible study. Heidi became sick during the time so climbed up on my lap and feel asleep. She has been doing the same most of the afternoon, but I was cleverly away when she decided to throw up. Well done Tom for clearing that one up!

It was the Wycliffe world day of prayer today, and I made it down for the afternoon session (leaving the poorly ones together). It was wonderful to spend time praying for the work, and a striking moment was people calling out the name of our Lord in different languages. It was a foretaste of Heaven and very exciting and moving too.

Well.....doubt I will get much sleep between the two sickies so will aim for an early night!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Winter has come!

The first snow fall of the winter arrived today, somewhat annoyingly a week later than Britain had snow!
So that meant that our little one had her first taste of walking and playing this morning. She would have been content standing one step outside the back door and bending down to touch it, but in the true parent style we insisted that she try out all the possibilities of the new game. So, she and Tom made a snow pile, built a snow man, shoveled snow and threw a little. Heidi has yet to learn the art detaching the snow from her mittens before attempting to throw! Unfortunately the camera batteries were dead so we will have to wait till the next snow fall to take some pics. More is forecast for the weekend, with a high of -1 on Sunday so will try then.

It is really good to have Tom at home, and he is off tomorrow and then back to work on Friday. Not too worried about missing him, he has 2 days off next week when the office is closed!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tom's home :) he got home early to the wonderful welcome of an empty house :( We were out at Macdonalds for a friends 3rd birthday party, then it was all back here for cake so that fun.

We have him at home for 3 full days, so that sounds like a holiday to me! Fun Fun Fun.
Heidi took a good couple of hours to work out who he was, but once she had there was much Dad Dad Dad! and smiles and just holding on to one finger.