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Thursday, November 13, 2008


We have been having a fine old time, gallivanting to the mountain, skating, 'doing breakfast' but the little one has now come down with her Daddy's nasty cold and has spent the day with a bad fever (which has now finally broken PTL).

Monday we went to Banff with friends, via Macdonalds for our free coffee (between 5 and 10 am any size is free :)) and spent the morning wandering through the shops and buying really good fudge. After a run around and a picnic lunch, we ventured to the cave and basin which is where Banff really started and how the national parks were founded. Several people were fighting about the rights to the hot spring they had discovered, however they were not able to make their fortune as the government turned the area into the first national park. After a few hours at the sulphur springs we were really glad we had forgotten to take the boiled eggs out of the fridge that morning!

Heidi and I went ice skating on Wed, at the free parent and tot session. More accuratly Heidi sat in the pushchair, as I pushed her round using it as a much needed zimmer frame. I did go solo though toward the end as Heidi was whisked away by a friends little girl.....leaving me stranded!

I am beginning to love the North American thing of having breakfast round at someones house. We had a new ladies at the church breakfast, and it was really good fun. We had good food, a light hearted cooking demo, and bible study. Heidi became sick during the time so climbed up on my lap and feel asleep. She has been doing the same most of the afternoon, but I was cleverly away when she decided to throw up. Well done Tom for clearing that one up!

It was the Wycliffe world day of prayer today, and I made it down for the afternoon session (leaving the poorly ones together). It was wonderful to spend time praying for the work, and a striking moment was people calling out the name of our Lord in different languages. It was a foretaste of Heaven and very exciting and moving too.

Well.....doubt I will get much sleep between the two sickies so will aim for an early night!

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