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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Winter has come!

The first snow fall of the winter arrived today, somewhat annoyingly a week later than Britain had snow!
So that meant that our little one had her first taste of walking and playing this morning. She would have been content standing one step outside the back door and bending down to touch it, but in the true parent style we insisted that she try out all the possibilities of the new game. So, she and Tom made a snow pile, built a snow man, shoveled snow and threw a little. Heidi has yet to learn the art detaching the snow from her mittens before attempting to throw! Unfortunately the camera batteries were dead so we will have to wait till the next snow fall to take some pics. More is forecast for the weekend, with a high of -1 on Sunday so will try then.

It is really good to have Tom at home, and he is off tomorrow and then back to work on Friday. Not too worried about missing him, he has 2 days off next week when the office is closed!

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