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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bargin shopping, 2 year old style!

It was the day for chores, including the supermarket.

The trip is always improved in Canada by, the provision of free chocolate chip cookies to any child under 12. The bakery is at the back, just before the final push through the fruit and veg and then home! Great bribery tool and Heidi is finally able to eat one without wearing it too.

So imagine her joy, when, cookie safely tucked away in her tummy, we take the unexpected turn down to frozen juice (yes I mean that, strange country I know) and there is a nice lady handing out free ice lollies. It was all in the balance of shall we shant we, because as mentioned earlier today we had a princess for a daughter (!) and she was dressed like one. But never fear, the perfect toddler day was unfolding and they were new spangly non drip slow melt ones, that mean no mess, and she was allowed to have one.

On to the check outs, passing on the way the much desired Upsie Daisy doll. Still half price, so we have the whole do you want to spend your money on this, when it's gone it's gone chat, and decide that yes, the doll is the ultimate friend and must have item.

On to the till to pay, with the envelope marked Heidi's money that lives safely in Daddy's wallet. Except that the doll rings through twice the price that it is advertised at, and seems a ridiculous price. Again, the perfect day is unfolding. All we said was oh, that was on the shelf at 9.99, and because the nice lady in the nice store (we went to Airdrie) was from customer services she was on the ball. There is a price code here that states if the item rings up wrong, you get it for the right price, with up to $10 off. So our 9.99 doll is 9.99 minus 9.99, leaving a grand total of 47c tax! Heidi was confused why the nice lady wouldn't take her sweaty $20 note, and her Mum was scrabbling in the envelope for loose change, but was happy to have the doll and run.

So who knows what tomorrow will bring..... and who knows what we are going to spend the money on now :)

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