Morning time plans

Saturday, September 26, 2009

We currently have a princess in our house, who is insistent that she is a cowboy/bull rider/flag girl/stunt rider, and is scarily able to impersonate each one. Amazing how many things a piece of string can be! At this exact moment she is giving Beep and Evie turns on the horse and teaching them a song about saying thank you horsey!

The mammoth dress making week has gone, with the result of 2 dresses on their way to a wedding in the states next Sunday. Now we have to review the skirt style and make 3 more for the wedding I am helping with in November. Fun times. The only downside of this week was the 34 degree day when I ironed over 120 foot of fabric. Had to keep washing my hands so I didn't sweat on the silk. Nice.

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