Morning time plans

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wow, it's been a long time since I blogged. I smiled reading the last post, the kitty had died by 1.30 the next morning! Somewhat embaressing when cat sitting but one of those things.

We have had a busy and fun summer with guest for almost 3 months all tolled. With the change in the wind though things are quieting down and we are set for slower pace of life at least for the months leading up to someones arrival.

The garden has been a great sucess, with lots of peas, beans and tomatoes each in turn, and now the carrots are ready to come. They are not the biggest you'll find, but seeing Heidi's joy and excitement that we are digging real life edible carrots out the ground has made them a sucess.

Our deck is ready and waiting for the stain to go on this week. Tom's Dad did the majority of the back breaking scrapping of the old paint, and we have sanded it down, and then borrowed a power washer to get it all dust free. Fun fun fun. The funniest thing was when Heidi went out when we were finally done and said 'deck all clean'.

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