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Monday, September 14, 2009

Pregnant brain!

Heidi started Sunday school this Sunday just past. I was a tad emotional dropping her off to the room full of other children, and she did not make it easy, walking bravely to the front to find a seat for the beginning part, kind of hugging herself as she went and looking back at me for reassurance. I made adult bible class myself looking a little glassy eyed, but pulled it together.

Until that is, a friend came to tell me that there was a little puddle by Heidi and could I come!

I was surprised that she had leaked out of her nappy, but it is not unheard of, and wandered down to get her and change her.

To my horror on the way to get her, I realised that I could not remember putting a nappy on her that morning !!!! Little puddle was an understatement....the poor girl. I felt dreadful but really she is none the wiser and everyone else in her class is so little they all were too!

Needless to say I have provided entertainment for all in the church, so thought I may as well give you all a laugh too!

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Lowri said...

Thank you for that! It really did give me a laugh!

Love and miss you all.