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Sunday, March 15, 2009

It has been a busy week full of lots of excitement like riding the bus, peeling oranges and having a breakfast picnic!

In fact I am not entirely sure what we achieved this week but we certainly made the most of the better weather and spent lots of time outside! I made the discovery on sat morning that it was warm enough outside to eat in our pyjama's so that is exactly what we did, I imagine that we looked ridicules but oh well. I guess the truth is I ate breakfast, Heidi picked at her homemade English muffin and ate the 'dam and buta' and Tom came out later much more appropriately dressed and tucked into muffins.

It was also a week when I went to the gym (popped Heidi into the babysitting service) and then we went swimming or splashing as she told everyone! It certainly gave her back her water feet and she was demoing to Tom the next day in the bath lying down and kicking away.

And I no longer have the job of peeling little oranges, in fact I have been thoroughly ousted as she refuses to eat one not peeled by her own fair's a but squished at the end but it doesn't seem to change her enjoyment.

After weeks of look 'Mama bus'! I decided that we would take a trip to a friends house on the bus. It was one of the those moment you wished you had the camera as the look of sheer joy on her face when she got to sit on a seat beside me was a picture. What a joy it is to have young children around who are constantly amazed and thrilled with simple things. Remind me of that in a few week when the terrible twos take over!

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ruth said...

love to read of all the little things heidi says and does...can we have picture of the dress you were making a few posts back....please