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Sunday, March 29, 2009

A hand update........
Well we had a dressing change on Friday, which was all as to be expected, not as healed as I was hoping for, but no cause for concern.

And then last night she began to tell us that she had a hurt. Which really is the best news we could have had. It seems like the healing process has started. I am hoping I can continue being glad in the night when she gets up!

She is thrilled that she has bitten the thumb section of her mitt free and is now able to see her thumb. She spent most of church thrusting her hand at people and then pulling the mitt away and giving the thumbs up! Cute if not repetitive.

Dressing change tomorrow and plastic surgery appointment on Tuesday (routine not because we definitely have to go there). More details to follow.

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Lowri said...

Glad to hear she's getting better, try to hang on to the feeling of relief instead of returning to fret.
Give her little left hand a special welsh get-better-soon kiss from me.