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Monday, April 22, 2013

making boats, in our pyjama's, because we can :)

One of the things I love about home schooling is you can call a pj day when you wake up to a spring snow fall and the kitchen is in the middle of being renovated.  
 Early on in the pj day when you discover everyone playing quietly, so you creep off to do some school with the sweet kindergarten student before anyone is going to miss you and decide that although the car was really fun to play with 10 seconds ago, some lap or some arms or some snacks would be far better!  Actually the best defense is sometimes to do things in the open, so sneaking this time was only to get the books and do it at the kitchen table, so that there was no commotion of moving downstairs.
 And when you look up, from phonics or maths or something else, you realize that the three year old is busy cutting and taping and declares that she making a boat.  Hope worked at hers for hours, all the time Heidi was in school, the tape supply was somewhat depleted after it all, but we had a happy proud girly instead.  And Heidi was super motivated to get through her work so that she too could raid the recycling supplies. 
 We floated them in the sink before lunch and watched the progress over the course of the next hour. 

Hopes boat.....
 Heidi's boat.  It featured a smaller base to start with but quickly went to this.  The mast was yet another of my broken wooden spoons.  This on bit the dust while being used by Hope :) 

As lunch progressed Hope got concerned hers was going to sink, so Heidi's quickly became a car ferry, and all was well :)

By the end of rest time, they had both sunk completely out of sight!!!

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