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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Foot update

Heidi was back in clinic today for her final (well till the Autumn) check up with her consultant.

The surgical result has been excellent, she now has a flexible deformity as apposed to her fixed deformity 6 weeks ago, but her gait is not great (she still rolls onto the side of her foot) and at rest the foot slides back to it's old shape.

It is not too surprising that fixing one thing has highlighted the other areas that are affected, and I was again reminded that we do not know the cause of the deformity in the first place.  Tom was recently commenting how amazing the body is.  She has undergone lots of tests, and they have not shown a reason why.  How wonderfully we are made.

So we start Physio at the childrens next week, with the same physio who treated Heidi's burns all those years ago.  He was surprised to see us in the waiting room this afternoon waiting for triage.  I am so grateful that she is able to be seen post op as an urgent case, as normal waiting time is 8-10 months!!  Next monday seems really close compared to that.

The other decision is that she will have a wedge in her shoe.  I am going to wait to talk with Physio next week to see if we can get her in to the hospital orthotics clinic in a timely fashion but if not then we will book her into one of the ones of the nice list I now have tucked away. 

The journey continues.  For His glory.

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