Morning time plans

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What a terrible day it was for my oldest daughter when her mother woke up feeling the need to organise, and not just in a small way, she meant really organise!

Everything was attacked and sorted.
Well everything I could be bothered to do!
Not everything I intended to do got done, because by the time you get half way through you realise that you really have lost the desire to be super organised and tidy and really want to live in chaos.

But the toy cupboard was one of the first. And so we sorted and categorised. And if you didn't fit into a category you got put into box to get chucked. That was until a friend pointed out that all things in the to chuck box had wheels, and therefore they are a category and therefore they got to stay.

Anyway, this was the result.


With pictures.

Lots of labels.

If this works, and a week in it is, I am planning to switch to cute little wooden labels that cannot be eaten by Hope!

I love a half empty toy cupboard, there is so much more room.

And there is a half chance that Heidi can put things away by herself. It may have been more of a chance if the pictures were better for her to match and understand but she will have to work with what her artistically challenged mother can manage.

Aside from organising, we have been hanging out with friends. Hope and her friend William were having a great time mauling at Devin as he caught up on some shuteye on the kitchen floor.

More of our vacation stories later, when I have the pics from friends.

But for a hint, it involves carrots, trees and food!

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