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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Making monkey bread with two monkeys

there are days when we can manage an activity on top of the essentials like eating, changing nappies and reading stories.  Usually these days coincide with me having help in the house like on Tuesday.  
So we usually indulge in making the most of our enthusiasm and bake something.
This week it was monkey bread, like cinnamon  buns but easier for the girls to help with.(that should read easier for me to let the girls help with!)  There is rarely time to do a recipe start to finish before a small boy needs his Mummy, so I got the dough prepared while the girls we resting, and then we did some school of dividing into 4 equal parts, and then counting to 12 together.  Check us out...!

After we were done putting the bits of sticky dough 'right there' it rose again, and then cooked in the oven and turned out like this.

We are still eating it though, but being good Canadians that's possible breakfast, lunch or supper :)  And next time I'll cook it 5 mins less, but it's a keeper of a recipe for sure.

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