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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hope's birthday party

Waiting for friends to arrive to play tea parties.  We kind of forgot that there were small boys in the house who were more than happy to pull the cloth and empty the basket!

They decorated gingerbread men.  Hope was by far the most enthusiastic when it came to piling on the sweets!

Then the cake came after lunch (golden nuggets, jewel veg and lots of sour cream Hopes new found favorite food!).  The little gasp of pleasure made my Mummy heart swell, and the late night and repairs after defrosting it well worth it. 

We did a pink turtle piñata in between cake and going home but my little men were up for some of that and there was no time for pics when keeping them away from little sweets and erasers and toy rings and such!  They were tucked in their beds pretty soon after the piñata split!
 The girls each took home a package of little men to eat as well as their loot bag.  It was a lovely laid back party which I hope she really enjoyed. 
 Here's the monkey's, both riding on the same bike!  Trouble in cute packages.

And here's the cake from the cake from the front.  I'm still trying to dispose of the turrets but got busted again today trying to bin them by Hope coming into the kitchen..."are those my turrets?" she asked.  I'll try again tomorrow!!  Sparkly icing sugared cones surely don't taste good!

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