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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The first of a few catch up posts

It seems if we do anything other than this, then nothing else gets done.  Especially not in the blog world.  And that is ok, but I am sure that if I don't write it down I will never be able to remember any of it.

We went to the zoo, and remembered to play on the metal animal structures outside before going in.  The girls normally want to on the way home but there is never enough energy left in my reserves to do this.
The boys enjoyed the grass while Heidi and Hope followed Shelldon on his walk learning all about Tortoises and how they are different from turtles.
Hosea met with a bee, picked it up and bit it.  The pic is blurry but you can see how swollen he got.  It was all a little stressful seeing a bee in his mouth, fishing it out and then I smashed it in the deck with the phone I was holding at the time.  Turns out the whole thing was recorded on my friends answer phone as I has placed a call right before he bit it!  He was checked over and declared fine. 
It has been so hot that the pool was up for a couple of days.  We quickly ditched the small inflatable slide for the plastic slide, way more fun!
Everyone enjoyed it, and the washing line strung up with sheets gave just the right amount of shade.

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