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Sunday, August 26, 2012


Wow we moved a week ago today. 

And I think we may have cracked it!

Achieved today:
A second sleep after a broken night thanks to my wonderful husband.  I dreamt about driving a fire engine!
Dining room table built with the help of Heidi. 
Sun room cleared and tables set up for plants to start off in.  So far Tom has brought in the radishes and lettuce from outside and planted peas.  He set out to get more seeds today but there was none to be found in Calgary this late on in the year.  I guess the fact that we should have snow sometime next month has something to do with it. 
Changed the screen door glass to the the screens to try and get some air flowing through without the bugs!
Banister rail attached and stair gate put up. Previously we had to put Hosea in one area or another, but now we should be able to function on the main floor without getting stuck on the wrong side of a stair gate. While we did this the boys slept and the girls played in the back yard.  Little did we know they were caking themselves in mud.  Apparently they were trying to cool down!  Oh well, baths are useful and it bath night after all.

Good friends came over and helped us get the motivation to get the final boxes in the right spots.  In theory Tom and I now have somewhere to put our clothes, but how long it takes for me to get them there remains to be seen.

I guess all that remains is to get some pictures taken, and then choose some colours and materials to start the renovations.

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