Morning time plans

Friday, August 24, 2012


Moved all the things from the front entry way and put the majority away!
Rearranged the boys room and unpacked their clothes into the white drawers
Moved lots and lots of boxes into the master bedroom from the sun room so you can now walk into the sun room and see some of the floor!
Made a chocolate rhubarb cake with the girls,  seriously good recipe.  Like a cakey brownie with sour bits in it, yum  Added the last of the sour cherries too.
Finally put the bed frame together so tonight will be the first night in a bed and not the sofa bed.  Yippee.
Cleared a path to the bed from the door.
Started to make list of priorities for tomorrow. Mine, organising and unpacking.  Tom's getting seeds and starting to turn the sun room into the food production area.  Plan to leave at least room for one chair for me.
It rained nearly all day today, so after supper we all went out for a walk, the girls on their bikes and the boys in the stroller.  Heidi is getting so good at pedaling, she was sad to have to come home. It is nice to live on a street so quiet that we can watch her biking up and down the street by herself to get out the last of her wiggles before bed. 

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