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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Moving and settling into the new house

Well we moved on Saturday, and it has been non stop since then, even more than it was before then.
Life is going to be busy for a while, so I am hoping to keep some kind of day to day diary of the things that we are doing in the house etc mostly so that on the days we feels that nothing is moving we can look back and see it.

Saturday moved stuff over to new house in one load in the back of the bread truck.  Boys and girls all looked after by friends for the morning, in the new place for the unloading and the start of the sorting out/organising.
Bunk beds built and bedding found. Day bed also made up and put in girls room.  3 sets of wet bedding by morning!
Light fitting will need changing to bunk beds can go against the corner of room.
Box 46 was lost for much of the day, and finally found tucked away in old house in cupboard, It contained screws etc for boys cots.
One cot built, play pen put up for the other bed.
Airing cupboard unpacked
Esther slept on top bunk, Tom and Hope on bottom and Heidi in day bed!
Living room arranged, will likely be rearranged in due time but somewhere to sit.

Sunday church, park with splash pool, home for supper kindly given to us from fundraiser dinner the night before.  Good to rest.

Monday amazing friends came over to help clean. (problems with cleaning agency means that house was not clean when we moved in).
Kitchen cleaned, cupboard above the fridge packed into 5 boxes and taken out.
Bathroom cleaned and towels put into cupboard from airing cupboard to make way for toys
Main bedroom cupboard cleaned and boxes started to be stacked in so we can walk about and begin to think!
Ran dishwasher and went downstairs to discover sewage on the floor of the basement.  Rang plumber and arranged for him to come out Tuesday am.
Packed to spend night in old house.
Cleaned front entry cupboard.
Ended up washing with hose in front garden after cleaning up the sewage!
Tom helped friends move book cases from old house out.

Tuesday Spent the day cleaning parts of the old house, and sorting out thank you's for everyone who helped look after the kids for the move.
Plumber unblocked the floor drain and extracted tree root balls.  Also got face cloth out of the en suite toilet (that explains why it overflows!)  Replaced the kitchen tap and the en suite sink. 
Put leaves in the table in the kitchen and set chairs around it. Moved the microwave. Tom changed light  bulbs in kitchen to energy saving. Ran dishwasher.  No sewage in the basement.  Hurrah.

Now lets see if I can keep this up for the length of the renovations!

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