Morning time plans

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Monday to Thursday

Not as much as last week that`s for sure.
Lots of cooking it feels like, and tweaking of the more difficult bits of the house.
Training kiddo`s up in the way they should go, continually, repetitively, despairingly at times.
Talking more with the girls about what they like about the new house, what they miss.  How the Lord is in control.
Working on paperwork for the Provincial nomination.  Fighting for joy and peace in this. 
Getting the home school schedule a little more planned, trying not to panic about how to fit the whole of life into the hours I am up. 
Having tea parties with hot chocolate and brownies and two princesses
Making meatballs, throwing them in the slow cooker and heading to the park for long gangly girls to practice their monkey bar swinging and very nearly getting it!
Loving watching the little boys interact with each other and the girls.  Much giggling often means mischief between Hope and Hosea!
Planning to get some canning in this year, I will regret it if I don`t so tonight is apple sauce.  I have called in the reinforcements.......a sign of the season of life I am in.  No huge time limited projects without help.  I am trying to learn to live within the parameters set for me so far as time and energy go.
Doing some school type things with Hopie, she loves to be a part of it, and she is so fun one on one.

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