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Monday, January 6, 2014

First skating lesson

The pics aren't very exciting, and to be honest it was so fast paced and busy that I'm not sure I could have done anything better. 

She had a LOT of fun, is certainly being challenged and will sleep well tonight.  And I'm sure will have a few aching parts from all the landing on the ice.

So proud of her to keep pushing herself for the full 50 min lesson. 

They keep them moving between teachers with breaks in between skating around the edge in a follow the leader style doing all kinds of cool things.  She's going to far outstrip the rest of us in a few short weeks I'm sure. 

Looking forward to tomorrow when she wants to tell us all about it.  She was so tired tonight when she got off the ice she only took the time to say she really liked it, but wanted to go to bed.  Oh and she wanted to go as far as the girls on the ice straight after her lesson.  Mmmmn, will have to see about that.....staying upright is the first plan!

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