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Monday, April 28, 2008

Snow in flip flops

This is a bizarre country. I walked to church yesterday with my flip flops being 18 degrees out there, and the path was still covered in snow in places. I walked along telling Tom that frozen water on your feet is cold, and then the light bulb came on and I realised that the proper word for frozen water is ice.....and of course it's cold on your feet. (the blondness continues way after the peroxide has grown out!)

Our small girl is loving the change in weather, and is sitting bolt upright in her pushchair, just grinning at all she can see. I bought her a sun hat today, and came home to discover rain forecast for tomorrow! She looks v cute, and hates it. Thankfully it has strap so she can't get it off. Still it's hotter today than yest, so hats are a must.

I have been given some plants, which is wonderful and have put them on the balcony to enjoy the sunshine. Must remember to bring them in at night in case the frost comes back. I am planning a veggie balcony and a friend from the office is helping me out with plants this year that she's started in her greenhouse. The short hot summer means that we're limited to summer type veg, but I;m really getting excited, and have been getting library books galore out. I really am hoping that I can get a good herb garden going if nothing else. I have a money off voucher for the local garden centre so look out here we come. I found a book called planted junk in the library and am feeling inspired as to the whole range of things that look good when planted. The thrift shops wont know whats hit them. Heidi and I are will be exploring this space.

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