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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My first Birthday!

It's been quite an exciting day, God is good. I was dreading it. Nothing like hearing from lots of lovely at home people to make you feel homesick, but the day didn't end up that way and it's not even over yet!
The fun began last night (which was my birthday in UK) when Tom came home with flowers and an ice cream cake (cool) with my name on it (v. cool). what amazed me most is that I had looked at them with him before and he remembered!
This morning there were some presents (not all had arrived) and then Heidi's gift was sleeping in till 9am. Yes you read that right! So I had a cup of tea and a read :)
I went over on the C train to my friends, and she took me out for coffee, (Heidi had the cream off my frappicino and then threw up!) and then we went out for lunch.
It was a surprise party!!!!!!
How cool is that, just like I've always wanted. There were 9 of us (and Heidi who ate as much as the rest of us) at a Chinese buffet and it was v v exciting. I was smiling lots as you can imagine. It also explained why Tom was so adamant that he didn't want sandwiches this morning. Secrets hey!
When we got home some parcels had arrived, and that made it all the more perfect.
So...........the rest of the day will involve normal routine, and a movie, well as far as I know!
PS Two cards today said happy 1st birthday (in Canada) hence the title
Added later.....
there was more.....
I had just put Heidi in the bath when there was a knock at the door and some people arrived who were clearly staying for the evening. lovely I thought, good to have friends over. They were slightly surprise no Tom at home and that I looked so surprised, but in the slight confusion Tom came home and it turned out they were babysitting and we were going to the cinema. How grown up are we!
A lovely lovely day :)

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