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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Snow on snow on snow, snow on snow

I feel like I am living in the carol, and it's April!
We have been covered in snow since Friday, and it is a completely different feel to the snowy times that we've had so far. There's a bitter icy wind, and we have been driving on compacted snow on the roads as it's not warm enough to melt it. Imagine the slip road off a motorway, just white and hard to distinguish from everything else.....and it's a well used route.
Driving? We borrowed the office van with the plan to move our donated queen bed to the house, but due to the weather and a couple of other things we didn't pick it up. Have to sort out a way to do that soon. Still it meant that we could drive to church today which was really great...and we ended up going to some peoples for lunch which was also really great. Heidi was so happy to some kids to play with. She spent a happy while being pushed around in a laundry basket by a little boy.

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