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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

General update

Well, we're into week 3 and all is going ok in the Hindle house.

Tom is enjoying work and is still new enough that he is getting up at 7 and heading in for starts at 8.30! Not sure how long that is sustainable! Esther and Heidi join him for lunch at the office once a week, and this means that we are beginning to remember names and be remembered, Heidi more than the grown ups!

Esther and Heidi are still trying to carve out a routine but this will take time and probably a vehicle as there is not a lot going on in the local area. Having said that we joined the library and are each entitled to take out 99 items! Not sure how we'd carry them home or get time to read them! We plan to go swimming once a week so that will be fun too. Will keep you posted if we ever find something normal like a toddler group!

We are beginning to look round churches, and will keep you posted as to where we make our home. It is important and will need much prayer.

Our home was not in the condition that is should have been for us to move into, but we are beginning to get it together. It was a real disappointment, but we are beginning to settle in, and the company are putting things right. I'm sure it will feel like home really soon....when more of the chewing gum is off the floor! New blinds and a new stove (hark at me!) are due any day so that will be really lovely.

Our small girl is getting more and more active everyday, and is a joy to be around. She has struggled to get to sleep the last few nights, we think it's the lighter evenings and the fun she has discovered standing up. I'm sure as soon as we think we've cracked this one we'll have a new problem.

We have the internet at home now so are on skype all the hours we're up if you're free for a free chat. Phone to come later. Will update the blog regularly!

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Ian & Jayne said...

Hi "guys"
Great Photos (Tom catching up on jetlag and Heidi will be soon ready for rallying).
Will be praying about finding a new spiritual home.
We are still residing in the Robinsons penthouse suite (our roof is half tiled)
God bless
Ian Jayne Grace