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Thursday, June 26, 2008

We've been a beach. Amazing when the ocean is thousands of miles away!

Gull lake is about 90 mins drive north. Beautiful and a really relaxing place. Lots of lovely birds, and sand and shallow water and mud (which is not ideal but Heidi finds it equally as attractive as all the other good things).

We were chilled home early but it meant that we could all have showers and baths and go out for a lovely meal at a restaurant that had brown paper on the tables and crayons for all and gingham napkins....and yummy food.

Heidi had her first MacDonald's milkshake today. I would say it was a huge hit! Other firsts of the camping trip were sand, waves, sand castles, proper swimming costume, staying in the travel cot all night (only the first one though...) cotton candy icecream (which is candy floss to you and me), and eating sand which I guess is like eating dirt another of her favourite foods. The sand theme is to prove that we really were at the beach!

So, tomorrow we are off to buy a lasso for Tom's Dad, and then I think that the weekend will bring some time for relaxing the temperatures are set to rise so just as well.

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