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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I don't bounce

A hard lesson (no pun intended)! always I was in a rush. After loading my small girl in the car, the pushchair rolled away as I was locking the door. Unfortunately I failed to remember that there is a strip of concrete on the ground, and so at full run I tripped. You can imagine the rest. I don't think that I have ever fallen so quickly to the ground. Well, I landed on my shoulder, followed by head, then the thigh of one leg and the knee of the second. I picked myself up, tried to dust off, managed not to cry, and loaded the pushchair into the car. I was halfway to the office before things started to sting and by the time I got there I was ready to cry. I realised that I was going to be introduced to the whole of Wycliffe at the Tuesday celebration, so I called into the boutique and the lovely ladies gave me a flannel and towel to wash the dust off, and some clean trousers.
So I am feeling very sorry for myself and had to moan to the world. To make matters worse, I sliced my finger along with the onions trying to make tea, and then Heidi pulled at the huge graze on my shoulder. Ah well, I'll mend. I am so grateful that Heidi was in the car and not in my arms, and that there were lovely ladies to look after me, and that we have a car which meant that I didn't have the long walk after the fall.
Heidi and I spent some time in the thrift shops this afternoon (short walk good for stiff muscles) and bought 5 pots for our herbs for a total of £1.35, not bad hey? We also bought the seeds and so tomorrow or the next will plant them ready to germinate on top of the fridge. Our herb garden will hopefully be up and running soon. Hopefully we'll be able to have good supply this summer and then make some flavoured oils and vinegars for Christmas presents. But....that may be counting my herbs before they grow!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Esther, that sounds nasty! I hope you heal up soon, I'm feeling a lot less sorry for myself now, the tiny blisters on my feet seem very small and silly.
Your herb garden sounds lovely, it'll smell wonderful I'm sure.



P.S. I love being able to comment on your blog!