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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tom has been off for the last two days so we have taken the opportunity to explore Calgary zoo and Banff. There are about a zillion photos, I suggest that you get a large cup of tea if you are planning to stay the course. We also had a really great BBQ at a friends house lots of amazing steak with great marinade, salads, jacket potatoes and the wonderful Canadian invention of jello salad. Jello salad???? It's basically jelly, with other things in from fruit, vegetables, marshmallows, yogurt and you eat it with the main. So the funniest thing that I have seen in a long time is a bunch of adults eating jelly with a fork, in between mouthfuls of steak and macaroni salad :)
Banff was lovely was really amazing to see the river defrosted and fast flowing, and the waterfall falling with water. Some of the photo's are taken from the same place as our last lot, so the difference is striking. We did half the trail of Sulphur mountain, I guess we'll go back and finish it one day.
The other exciting thing we've done is buy a tent, so the great outdoor way of life will be ours next week. We've just seen the weather forecast is rain, so Tom will change his days off tm and we'll head our middle instead of end of week. Should be fun...bit nervous but how hard can it be? We've borrowed travel cot for Heidi to keep her contained and warmer at night.
Tomorrow is due to be pottering round, Tom back to work and Matthew Heidi and I are going to explore Calgary fort (and perhaps get my new plants into tubs) and then tm night is our church anniversary dinner. Fun day :)

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Esther Bird said...

Hey guys! Really wanted to get in touch but not sure of the best way so thought I'd give this a go! Just wanted to wish Heidi a very very HAPPY 1st birthday. One year old already, and what a year it's been! You should be very proud, she is a beautiful little girl, and you are obviously doing a fantastic job! I hope you enjoy the very special day together (or enjoyed by the time you read this!)Hope to hear from you soon. Lots of love, Esther, Nathan, Joel and Naomi xxxx