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Friday, May 23, 2008

British weather

Rain!!!! The most familiar sight, but it seems to interrupt life here more than the snow because it is so unexpected.
We went to the Zoo yesterday with friends from the pouring rain. What a good Brit I am! It really is a great zoo, divided into countries so for instance the Africa building has the giraffes, hippos, flamingos, turtles etc in the same place. And the hippo pool has fish swimming in it, and they have fish swimming there for them to eat.....very cool indeed.
Heidi loved the being Canadian experience of a birthday cup cake with chocolate frosting! Messy, but tasty.
I had the horrendous experience of getting coffee for people. It really should have to be as hard as it is! 5 types of coffee plus decaf, and that before you start messing with ways to have it with cream. (or half and half which you get in cartons in the shops which is half milk half cream). In the end a friend came to help. The strange thing is that people really do know what kind of coffee they want ie bold, or medium, Mexican or Colombian (I'm told the Colombian is more nutty!) Any way I conclude stick to's strong enough, lots of cream a necessity, and I've even started on sugar for my filter coffee (if there's no flavouring like the lovely English toffee I had the other day). Sorry Dad! So come on out everyone, and I'll practice my coffee buying skills with you too, but at least in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king!

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