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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Poor Heidi has conjunctivitis, or pink eye as the Canadians call it. Started 11 am yesterday and just got worse and worse. So I packed her off to the doctors and the eye drops seem to be helping already. I am amazed at how quickly it can come on. Poor thing looks like she's half asleep at all times, but she is happy enough in herself. The night was not the best, she kept getting lost in her cot as she couldn't open her eyes enough to see where she was and that she needed to turn around. Relocating in the cot and then a quick rendition of a song and she was back to sleep each time.
On the way home from the doctors we were hit from behind in the car. It was a load bang and a bit of a jolt. Praise God there was no one hurt, and there was no damage to the cars (except a tiny amount of his number plate paint chipped onto my bumper but it has since washed off). Heidi got a fright but was no more distressed then when I put eye drops in her eyes later!
The silver lining on my clouds yesterday was a trip to a friends to pick up some more pots and a tamaato (that's how you say it so that must be how you spell it right?) and a cucumber and some 'eerbs' that are further on than mine. Will plant later.
Oo and got 3 more chairs to match the ones we found cheap already so I now have 4 matching (well almost) dining room chairs.
And my joy was complete this morning when for the first time ever my banana loaf rose in the oven and hasn't flopped since coming out!
Off to Calgary tower this afternoon so look out for pics of the city and mountains soon....if I remember to charge my batteries!

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Gwen said...

I hope Heidi's eyes get better soon, Matt sent me some pics of Heidi sitting on the glass floor of the tower!

Incidentally, you can't just casually drop in that you had an accident half way through the blog! My heart stopped for a moment when I read that. I am glad no one was hurt.

Matching dining room chairs are indeed very exciting.

Take care!