Morning time plans

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tom and I are slightly yellow in places, after helping friends paint the inside of their barn. The cheapest colour was yellow, so I hope that the cows appreciated it when they come home from pasture next weekend! I had some fun up on the scaffolding, Tom spent most of the day up there, I switched between that and rollering the walls and filling in the hard bits with the brush. Good fun and certainly helped us to sleep well last night.

We also babysat last night and I was asked the ultimate question by a 5 year old. "Mrs Hindle, when I'm an adult will you be dead?" What is there to say to that, while trying to keep a straight face! I must remember to do my hair and makeup to prevent the old hag look taking root!

It's thanksgiving this weekend, and we are going to real Canadians for supper tomorrow afternoon. Looking forward to it, pumpkin pie is really tasty!

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