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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Birds and letter box fun

We had a small incident yesterday involving a greedy bird who thought she would go for just one more crumb, and got her head stuck in the window of the bird box! I looked out the window to see two birds at the bird house, one I though eating the other just sitting there. Till I noticed that the one eating, never stopped eating, rather her tail just kept twitching. To cut a long story short I finally managed to get her free with a pair of tongs from the neighbours! Gloves on and a heave ho would have done the job, but my slight Bird phobia kicked in and the only gloves I had in the house were over gloves and too clumsy! I thought I was going to have to break her neck to get her out, but thankfully no! I am slightly scared of birds and was crouched over the bird house, when a small girl crept up behind me and grabbed me with an arrgh! I jumped out of my skin! And for all who are now laughing it wasn't funny!

We went on a family trip to the mail box tonight (about 50 yards down the street). Mystery now solved as to how you get a parcel in a weeny box. The mail postmen here....puts a key into your box, and you open the one large compartment and then post the key through a little slot! Fun.

Settling in is taking longer than I thought it would, but we have only been her 5 days. The clock is ticking though for completion Mum is flying in on a surprise visit in just over 2 weeks. Huuuuurrrrrrrrah!

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