Morning time plans

Friday, October 31, 2008

Tom has now been away over half of the total, and it is beginning to drag. Heidi has now had 2 bad nights, and so we are a little sick of the sight of each other. She was content to play in her cot for an hour this morning when I had to get some stuff done....which shows just how sick of seeing me she was!
We had friends over for lunch, and so she has played happy and is now sleeping peacefully. I guess she will be full of beans later for the reformation night at church so we will go. Just got to make a dish and hey presto, I have plans for later :)
Heidi and I made muffins this morning....I was too lazy to chop the frozen strawberries so we just pushed a whole one into the batter mix in each muffin. It was a big hit with the little people who were over, and a lot of fun as Heidi was able to helpfully help. (that will make sense if you have ever baked with small ones!). Guess what we are eating for the rest of the week :)

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