Morning time plans

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We were treated to the most exciting wind storm this lunch time. It was lovely and sunny, then just clouded over, and the wind got up like I've never seen before. Heidi was transfixed watching the leaves zip down the road, but then just fell asleep....babies do get all the fun. It's back to sunshine now so that's good.

In case you were wondering the dangers of visiting an IKEA store with money to burn is the same the word over! Nothing off the list bought, but oh did I get some nice stuff!

The house is slowly getting sorted, it's now a case of beautification in some rooms, and sorting in others. I need to get some pretty basket things to throw junk into to maintain the perfect house look, but when I went to get them last night, they were sold worries, I will persevere and find some others! Tom has suggested the dollar store, but I want something more than plastic!

And, I learnt a valuable lesson this morning, building IKEA furniture with a one year old is not a good idea, even if it is only a small stool.....they get in the way and cry when they aren't allowed to help with the screws, and scream when they aren't allowed to use the hammer!!!! and I know that you really aren't supposed to need a hammer with IKEA furniture, but there we go, I got it for 99c!

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