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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

First steps

The inevitable is happening, our baby is growing up.
She took 2 small steps across the room this evening and has gone to bed glowing with pride. I shall go to be mourning the little baby but being grateful that she is growing as she should.
We are all well.
I discovered the fun and slight terror of quad biking last Friday out at the farm. I think the fact that I was giving rides to other peoples children heightened my fear level, but oh did I have fun. I had free rein of one of the hay fields and wove in and out of the bales. I had no idea that hay bales really were as big as they are, and I realised that what I have always believed to be a bale of straw is in fact hay. I thought yellow = straw but no.
We are house sitting for Wycliffe friends for the next 2 weeks, looking after 2 of their 3 dogs and watering plants. Should be interesting. Heidi finds them fascinating, long may that continue!
Tom is aching to get on the computer and little interesting to say so..........
will keep you posted.

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ruthie said...

we need video of heidi walking...please!!!!!