Morning time plans

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

There has been a call for a video clip of me skating....and Heidi skating. Not sure of that will happen, but will certainly try. I can't imagine why someone thinks it would be amusing to watch. grown women skate here all the time pushing a pushchair! We're off again to do it tomorrow, perhaps Heidi will do a little more on the ice walking again this time. Last week was a mixture of enjoyment and sheer terror!

The Christmas party season has started already and we are in the midst of a really busy week. I'm thrilled though as it means a lot less cooking and packed lunches for me! We ended up taking mandarins wrapped with ribbon to look like parcels to the work Christmas lunch today! Genius even if I do say so myself.

And, you need to come to north America if you want to experience real Christmas lights. They are everywhere and for the whole really tasteful, mainly lights and the occasional life size santa, but hey ho! Needless to say, Mr Hindle doesn't like the idea of lighting of the house, but perhaps next year!! A nagging wife......

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