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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cold is a whole new word!

The winter has come......
Snow, wind, drifts and longjohns!!!
We experienced a winter storm yesterday, it started around noon and then just carried on. Walking out left footprints that were blown out within a few minutes. But the coolest thing was that it wasn't that cold last night, so after getting the kids into bed, Matt, Tom, Mike and I went for a walk in the winter wonderland. The snow that fell yesterday had enough ice to leave sparkles everywhere and so it was beautiful by the streetlamp light! We went as far as the lake, and then it beckoned to be played on, so Tom, Mike and I obliged. Brushing the snow off reveled thick least where we were standing. We walked along a little and then hopped off again.

The other fun thing is that we have friends here with us, who stayed last night and will be staying tonight too. That means Heidi has friends to play with and we have friends to play with, and enjoy the we can't go out feeling. Actually Matt and Hannah have felt the call of Starbucks! and have gone out, Matt refusing to wear long johns with the excuse of "I'm English!" They have gone, and are yet to return!

I learnt how cold it was by heading out to the compost!!! It was bad, no ears in a few seconds and felt like I had forgotten to put any trousers on by the time I turned round to come back in. And, the cold hit my chest something awful and meant I could hardly take a full breath! Fun fun fun springs to mind. We were hoping to hold out till Christmas until we got long johns as they were going to pad out the stockings.... early is good too though.

So we are all safe and haivng fun holed up with friends, the big pot of soup on the stove gives me confidence we'll hold out...just off to check it.

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