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Monday, December 8, 2008

Birthday boy and snow

Tom's birthday was not quite the huge party he teased he wanted, but we celebrated in a few small ways.
We played on a Wi for the first time on Thursday night. The pics are us playing boxing...try not to laugh too hard. For those who don't know what a Wii is, it is a computer game with which you can do all kinds of things such as play tennis, box, ski etc. all by holding onto a controller. (I'm sure that there is a much better way to explain it!). We also attempted to have a bonfire (but too cold and damp) and then just vegged with pizza and movie. We have decided to go on an outing type thing next weekend with Matt and Hannah (they arrive on Wednesday). Apart form that we have eaten the icecream cake that I made Tom (it was in a 10" tin and took 6 litres!).

The snow started on Sunday sometime between me getting in the shower and getting caught reading my book sitting on the bed a few! minutes later. We attempted to get to church but 2 skids later and a lot of ice plaining we came home and listened to a John Piper sermon instead. It stopped about 4 in the afternoon and we got out to clear our deck and path. (you have to do so within 24 hours of the snow ending). Heidi thought it all good fun and has learnt to throw snowballs now.
Tom has made it into work this morning, and Heidi and I took an outing to the post office by sleigh in her case. So if you get a sure to know I trudged through ankle high snow pulling a heavy baby behind me! It was really good to get out though and I certainly didn't feel cold despite it being -6. Heidi alaid my fears o her being cold by promptly falling asleep! We saw 4 separate car incidents during our 20 min walk each way. Ice dancing for cars is all I can describe it as. There really is nothing you can do with the roads covered in packed snow which freezes into ice. We are learning though, that life really has to go on!
I'll get some pics of the weather soon.

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