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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Beginnings in Canada- Observations from the first 2 weeks

the grass is yellow in winter ie it’s dead! and everything is really dry and dusty
all the shops etc are square….not a pointy roof in sight
each house on the suburb estates is slightly different
it really is cold enough to freeze large amounts of water, ie so that you can walk on them
STATIC arrgh! you can get a shock any time any where. It’s because it’s so dry here
it is so sunny……except when it’s snowing and it snows lots. (people assure us we haven’t seen anything yet)
there are so many fast food outlets….large numbers, lots of different types
the Rockys are an amazing sight
Heidi is a good little girl, she seems to love the constant sunshine
the light switches are the wrong way round
it’s amazing how quickly vocab adapts. I’ve said stove, stroller, crib, cell phone, store and mall without thinking it's strange!

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