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Sunday, May 23, 2010

I so love this picture, of Hope and her Daddy.

Is it any wonder that I am battling a dandelion problem. If a small blonde girl came to ask 'Please may I blow it?' what would you say?

Not looking too happy!

Is it because her parents do this kind of thing to her?

We have been enjoying spending time together these last few days and taking the time to work on a few things done.

Our veggies are almost completely planted, that may seem late to the Brits, but our risk of frost is only just past, and bar a freak snow storm (like last june) we should be home and dry. This year is the same a last, with the addition of beetroot, raspberries, and strawberries. Yum. I wonder if they will grow.

We also rearranged the girls room getting ready for Hope's cot to go in there in time for Heidi's birthday. It is looking really good, just a few more things to do and they are ready to embark on a long lesson of 'preferring others before yourself'!

And I am starting to get the bits ready for some one's third birthday party! It seems amazing that is here already. She really gets it, and if any one asks about it she is quick to say 'I'm having a teddy bears picnic party'. And so the planning continues but it is so much fun to do :)

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Lowri said...

A tedy bear picnic sounds lovely! Can I come?