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Monday, February 14, 2011

Chinook fun

We were out at the Sewlal's for brunch on Saturday morning.

I love brunch it really is the best meal of the day.

Anyway, we set off all happy, knowing that is was due to be a warm day, and that we could have some fun outside with the snow without feeling too cold.

We got a little more than we bargined for on the way there.

Blowing snow overnight had created drifts about 6-8 inches deep accross the road so Tom was taking it careful.

We slipped and drifted toward the side, all in slow motion, and whoops, we ended up in the ditch!

May I emphasis,
we were not going fast
we were not in danger
we did not go far into the ditch, in fact we thought that we could get out with a little digging! The back wheels were still on the road.

In a short time we had 3 trucks stop.

The first was an elerly gentleman with his wife and a friend.
"How did you end up in there" he asked in a joking fashion.
"My husband was driving" said I, smiling and relieved that is wasn't me driving.
His wife smiled and said sweetly "Isn't that a good thing!"

The third truck pulled up just as we were out of digging in the snow options, and as I was beginning to wonder if I was going to make brunch. They had a rope and pulled us out, all with smiles and friendlyness. We were grateful.

What made me laugh was Heidi's perspective.

When we were digging out, I was in the drivers seat and Tom was pushing. We went no where.
Heidi saw me going to the other side of the road with the lady and Tom get into the drivers seat. He then popped the car into reverse and with the help of a big truck, got out of the ditch.
This is Heidi's take. "When you went to talk to the lady, Dad tried to get us out of the ditch and we just vrooomed out"! Nice one hun, Dad did vroom out with a little help from his friends!

Anyhoo, all was well, the roads had been scraped by the time we headed home, and brunch was superb as always.

They are huge in real life.
Hopie is completly safe in this picture.
Fun jumping off the snow hill created from clearing the driveway.
A gorgeous bunch.

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