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Monday, May 2, 2011

We are alive and well!!

Here's a few pictures of what we have been getting up to these last few months, I have by all accounts been a poor communicator, apologies.

2 weeks ago was a Louden family holiday on the south coast. We were blessed to be playing in the sand, and slurping on melting ice creams for a whole week in April.

Some of us enjoy sand more than others!

Some of us are getting larger than others!

Some of us have less problem with how we look than others. This baby has a fabulous tan now and loves the waves so much!

Which takes us back to those of us who love sand more than others. In fact she may love it more than anyone. Heidi may one day set up life on a beach just so she can make things in the sand!

We also had a wonderful 3 weeks in Wales working alongside all the animals and spending time with more family. The girls and Tom took me out to the castle for my birthday. Heidi said she thought it would be a real treat! She was right, it was beautiful and we got some lovely pics too.
And my big girl was loving having full access to riding a pony. She informs us she would prefer a pink riding helmet and pink halter and reins but nothing takes away from the smile and excitement when she is on there. Tom did observe how pleasant long walks were when she was on horse back rather than her own 2 feet!

We are now starting our deputation properly and are starting down the road of lots of meetings, cups of tea, and new people. Please pray for our stamina and that we would be able to clearly communicate the work Tom has been doing and the work of Wycliffe.

Other news, our visa application is in the Canadian embassy in London. Please pray that they would process it quickly.

And, for those who have not caught up fully. Yes we are expecting a baby, but more precisely two of them. They are 161/2 weeks and we have scan booked for the 25th of May to find out a little more about them!

Will endeavour to be a better blogger!


Laurie said...

Yay for blog updates! The pictures are lovely and it's nice to "hear" from you again. We continue to pray for you all and are praying for a safe and timely return to us in the Lord's will :)

Matt said...

I love sand as well...and building castles is the best thing to do on a beach.