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Friday, March 9, 2012

Puddle walking

Tuesday we had a snow fall warning and around 20cm of snow.  We had a lot of fun with all the white stuff.  (these pics are not the recent snow but the time before that)

Yesterday it started to warm up and by this afternoon after lunch it was 15 degrees. 

That means lots and lots of water literally running in rivers down the alley.  And what is so good is that it is warm and dry, unlike rivers of water in the UK which are a result of lots and lots of rain. 

So puddle jumping is rare here and we take our national sport seriously so I plucked up the courage and for the first time took all 4 of the kids out by myself.  It was only round the block but we did it!
I was amazed at how much Heidi has changed since we last went puddle jumping, she's all adventurous now!

Here's my gorgeous cookie monster boys in their gorgeous stroller :)  Just pushing it along makes me happy and for once there was no one crying.

Here's another one from the side, taken a while back. Wasn't that worth waiting for!

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