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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's been a long time since I wrote anything.

We have been doing a bit is this and a bit of that, a bit of getting older(someone would say old!) and a bit of throwing up (that's just the children!), a bit of going away for the first time ever (and that was just me and the boys!) and a bit of a special Daddy day for the girls.

Last monday we went up to the library.
This jumbo girl is my Hopie looking very grown up walking up there. Heidi as always is running on ahead.... We have just crossed the road opposite our house in this pic and the library is the flat roofed building in the centre so you can see that it's not too far.
 I was in super Mum mode so I took a picnic lunch so that we could try and enjoy our walk home, and my girls were amazing, they ran and galloped and hopped all the way home.

Phinn enjoyed his lunch and the view......and yes there is glass between him and a swim.

BUT, that afternoon everything changed.  The girls had flu which continued on and off  in various forms (!)till this Monday.  Poor darlings.  The first day saw me running up and down the stairs loading the washing machine hanging out new bedding and mopping brows.

I rang her to say thank you, but I'll say it here too.  Thank you Mum for all the times that you changed the sheets, and cleaned the carpet and washed my head.  It is exhausting. 

This week the weather has been gorgeous, there has been lots of good drying weather and the boys have been out with us enjoying the breeze and watching the laundry dry. I love laundry on the line, and that it is so pretty when you have little people and some of them are little girls who love flowers and pink.  All of Heidi's bedding was on the line yesterday. White and pink roses everywhere, Hope has a matching sheet for her cot, with all the white wood they look great. 

These boys love to eat....and there is one calling now.  Had planned a longer post but will endeavor to keep up with blogging. 

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