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Saturday, January 19, 2013

A family day out....Hindle style

We had several errands that needed running today, but it ended up with us being out from 10.30 am till 7, with 2 banana's a couple of sippy cups and one and half stale waffles......(until we gorged ourselves in Costco for the final installment.

And the kids couldn't have been better behaved. 

A spontaneous purchase of second hand weights took us out early, and then we pottled around popping into the dollar store, and a car wash and then to look quickly at floor tiles.  I wish I'd had my camera to record the girls pushing the mini trolleys around each with a boy tucked in theirs.  All very safe I'm sure.

And then on the only main plan of the day when we woke up, immunizations.  Heidi, Hosea, and Phinn were all booked in, but we all ended up with something.  Heidi was so brave, a few tears, pulled herself together really quickly and answered all the safety questions correct!  Stop look listen, wear a helmet and brush her teeth twice a day!  The little guys were amazing too, and I didn't cry for my flu shot either!  Hope and Tom and Heidi had their flu one via the nasal spray.  Hope was glad to be included.....she had been crying that she wasn't getting a shot cos she wasn't old enough!! 

The boys were weighed.........
no prizes for who is bigger, but not by that much.  Phinn is 25lb12oz and Hosea 27lb.  Not bad for the little scraps a year ago.  All normal and middle of the charts.  Yah.  And they are now the same height.

Then we headed to Costco and meet good friends there to eat our way round and more importantly to get photos done for permanent residency.  They don't officially do kids under 5 but agreed to try with the boys and they behaved perfectly.  Hosea's pic is the cutest for sure, Heidi's you can see the future as her hair is really dark looking but mine was the most telling.  Awful, haggard and slightly ancient come to mind as words.  We all had a good laugh about it, no one could find anything good to day about it......never mind.  Both my eyes are blood shot from the kids conjunctivitis so that didn't help...oh well. 

I've twittered on too long, off to sleep before someone wakes up with miserable side effects. 

Happy days. 

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